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Three Golden Rules Parents Need To Abide By

The universal expectation of all parents from their kids is to grow as a well-mannered, courteous, civil and overall decent human being. 

Parenting is a huge responsibility and a great challenge, as often parents find themselves struggling to have the right tools to address most of the common parenting challenges. 

The lack of access to the right parenting tools at the right time of the child’s growing process and in a culturally appropriate manner is often one of the biggest challenges most parents face.  

They may have the best possible intention in their hearts for their young ones, but unknowingly, they might be doing more harm than good on their child’s overall psyche that may hamper or limit their personality in future. 

While parenting might be a life-long learning process, yet there are always some vital lessons that parents can always adopt, particularly during the teenage years of their children. 

Stop Nagging

Often parents see repetitive/ nagging behaviour as a tool to communicate with their teenagers. According to the research, nagging is most likely the problem with the parents who are more lenient with their kids and hence expect that kids would comply with them, but that is not always the case and end up constantly asking questions. Usually, the trait is passed on by their own parents as they do not know any other way to approach their kids, but the repercussions are unknown to them. Constant nagging can lead to forming negativity of in mind the child, often distorting their self-belief system. Repeated nagging often drives children away from their parents, sometimes to the extent of alienation. Alienation is one of the attributes that will haunt them all their lives. So stop nagging and come up with better communication ways to connect with the child.

Stop making decisions for them. 

The biggest mistake the parents make is not to have faith in their kids and do not let them make their own decisions. Parents should teach their kids about decision making and problem-solving. It is important to counsel or educate young minds about decision-making. But not allowing them to take any responsibility will take away the possibility of learning from their mistakes.

Trust issues start to develop in them, and low self-esteem creeps into their character. Parents don’t realise it, but their childhood shapes their adulthood. If parents don’t give them the authority to take charge of their decisions, they will always doubt their self-worth.

And last but certainly not the least !!!

Do not Spoon feed them. 

Most of the parents make their entire lives revolve around their kids, making their kids the centre of the universe and avoid making them struggle for things. Do not let them skip their daily chores, as it plays an important role in their personality development. Basically, it enhances their sense of self-worth as they learn very early the sense of elation that comes with achieving the task they have been assigned. 

Otherwise, they will never value the worth of your work and money because all you have been doing is spoon-feeding them and not making them work hard to enjoy things in daily life that they take for granted. 

In the end, parents should always set boundaries for their kids and stick to them. Build cooperative behaviour, a positive relationship that is most likely to work in shaping their future. 

This advice might appear overwhelming for many parents who have been ingrained in only one way of parenting that they may have experienced in their own childhood. 

However, a change is worth try. 

You just need to remember to follow some of the above-mentioned rules, and everything will eventually pan out itself.

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