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Waikato Indian Association Celebrates 75th Anniversary.

The Waikato Indian Association celebrated its 75th anniversary at a glittering event held on Saturday, July 3, at the Waikato Community centre. 

More than 550 people attended the event, including several dignitaries such as Judge Dr Ajit Singh, Kiwi-Indian MP from Hamilton West Dr Gaurav Sharma, National Party MP David Bennet and local city councillor Mark Bunting. 

There were several community leaders, including those from Auckland, who had joined in big numbers to be part of Waikato Indian Association’s anniversary celebrations. 

Around fourty representatives from different Indian Associations such as Auckland Indian Association Incorp., Bay of Plenty (Rotorua) Indian Association Incorp and Country Section N Z Indian Association Incorp, and the New Zealand Indian Central Association (NZICA) attended the event. 

NZICA is the oldest Kiwi-Indian community organization established in 1926 by three Indian Associations, namely Auckland, Wellington and Country Section, to advance the cause of all Indians, be it educational, health, welfare or cultural identity.

Waikato Indian Association started in 1946 with mere five-seven members and has grown over the years. 

Acknowledging the growth and consistent support from the wider community, President of the Association Tarun Pragji said, “Over the 75 years, Waikato Indian Association has managed to gain strength and prominence within the Waikato and NZ community due to the ongoing support of the allies.

“Over the years, the association have brought the community many events, and to name a few, these have included celebrating the Navratri evenings, thrilling Bollywood night functions and Diwali celebrations,” Pragji said. 

 Speaking with the Indian Weekender, Pragji further added, “Waikato association have also participated in fundraising opportunities to help others around the world.”

“The Waikato Indian association was the highest fundraiser for the India COVID situation raising $49450,” Pragji said. 

 “The future for the Waikato Indian Association is promising. Together with the ongoing commitment, support and participation of all the members, specifically the younger generation and the wider community, hoping that the future leaders and members of the Waikato Indian Association can continue to bring a fresh perspective, vision and countless more events and opportunities for participation”. Mr Pragji said.

The association’s focus and vision is to preserve and protect Indian culture and ensure the youngsters in the community are well-supported.

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