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Charity Bike Ride From Picton To Bluff: A Journey For Awareness And Change

Two young men Greymouth based have taken a pledge to educate and spread more awareness about Cancer by organising a charity bike ride from Picton to Bluff doing a whooping 927 kms in 11 days starting from July 1st till July 11.

Sonal Sharma, the man behind the inspiring concept along with his friend Nitish decided to take on the journey to support the change and promote a healthy lifestyle.

 Sonal’s friend Nik is his helping hand on this trip who decided to join him on his mission as he got influenced by Sonal’s idea and his love for travel and blogging could not have been explored any better way. From everyday drinking and smoking he changed his lifestyle to exercising every day and eating a well-balanced diet.

“The poor lifestyle choices I made over the years impacted not only my physical health but also affected my mental health and wellbeing. And after my father passed away it was a turning point for me to make a change and help people suffering from the cancer and their families.” Sonal told the Indian Weekender.

“Alkaline Routes is an initiative to bring the change in the society of well being and an opportunity to for everyone to participate in the journey to bring out the best version of ourselves.” Sonal added.

Mr sharma also said “In today’s world everyone is hustling to accomplish their deeds and desires that we often miss out ourselves and neglect the importance of exercise and eating a well-balanced diet. As we often get carried away and eat out of convenience but on our journey we aim to show you the healthy alkaline food options available at different restaurants and cafes.”

“Together we can bring the change and cultivate the culture of wellbeing. In our mission we are not only recognizing the presence of disease but also the importance of strengthening our body and mind to prevent or fight back with such disease.” Mr Sharma concluded.

The young men are encouraging the community to donate for Cancer society to support cancer patients and their families in different ways. They are also inviting everyone to join them from anywhere they are on their journey even for a short distance to be a part of their Charity ride.

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