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A Two Week Old Baby Loses Her Mother

A family was left devastated when a mother of two kids lost her life abruptly. Guneet kaur a 33 year old considered a “beautiful soul’’ was starting her day with usual routine when her husband Karma Singh Kharoud found her dead on the floor on Monday morning June 28 at her residence Papatoetoe

Gurneet recently had a C- section having a premature baby on June 16.

“Everything was going well, Guneet was recovering from her surgery” Gurjeet sekhon told the Indian weekender who is a family friend and a neighbour of the deceased.

It was the monday morning when Mr Kharoud was prepping for breakfast and he heard a thump on the ground where he found her wife’s body lying on the floor. Roopamjot, brother of Guneet told the Indian weekender

Ambulance reached within the minutes of Guneet being unconscious and was given CPR to revive her but was instantly declared dead.

The cause of death is said to be due to the blood clot filled in the lungs resulting in cardiac failure according the postmortem report.

Sharing the insight details about his sister Mr Roopmajot told the Indian Weekender ‘’she was a very hard working woman, taking care of everyone around the house”.

“Family has decided to do the funeral in New Zealand.” Mr Sekhon said.

Guneet had a “perfect family

Guneet was originally from Patiala and married in a village named LANG and was currently settled in Papatoetoe. Gurneet was living in New Zealand for 4 years and had been married to her husband for 5.5 years who currently works as a truck driver leaving behind a 4 year old boy and 2 week old daughter.

Guneet belonged to a well educated family where her father was a retired government employee and mother a retired teacher.

She received her permanent residency within 1.5 years as she had completed  her studies in early childhood education level 8. “My sister was a smart, intelligent woman who had completed her studies in B.A, M.A and B.ED back in India’’.

A funeral will be held on Wednesday, June 30 at Anns Funeral Home at 2:00 p.m.

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